Recent blocks roasted by CardanoCafe


We believe in Cardano's groundbreaking technology and are highly passionate about operating our CardanoCafe Staking Pools. We are cozy Stake Pools hosted in Germany!


Enjoy the top-quality of our Staking Pools with reliable...

  • 24/7/365 uptime
  • low latency
  • lowest fee of 0% + 340 ADA at [CAFE2]

Enjoy high rewards

Delegate your stake to one of our CardanoCafes and enjoy the best rewards while relishing your freshly infused cup of ada - roasted by CardanoCafe!

Automatic email information when pool saturations occur

Enjoy our automatic email notifications about our pool saturations.

Support of Charity Organizations

CardanoCafe contributes multiple regular monthly amounts to charity organizations that support projects in three key aspects of our world: mankind, nature and wildlife. View details of our support at Projects.

Decentralization & Redundancy

CardanoCafe's nodes are hosted on own physical dedicated servers and on multiple clusters of high availability (HA) resources with guaranteed SLAs. Reliability is CardanoCafe's coffee!

Cardano as a top-leader

Our goal is to help Cardano to be one of the top-leaders of cryptocurrencies!


View detailed statistics about our pool performances and our minted blocks.

Professional SPO administration

Our team consists of passionate software engineers who do their best to deliver one of the best staking pool performances to you!

Our machines brew cardano for you - every day!

CardanoCafe uses a mix of physical dedicated servers and high availability (HA) resources

CardanoCafe's dedicated machines store Cardano's blockchain with ZFS - that's the same filesystem CERN uses!

Open Prometheus / Grafana of CERN

Come in, sit back, relax and delegate your stake to [CAFE] CardanoCafe to enjoy a freshly infused cup of ada brewed by our cardano machines!