High Performance Cardano Stake Pool

CardanoCafe is a High Performance Cardano Stake Pool powered by multiple green-energy bare-metal servers, operated by a team that is passionate about delivering the best reliable staking rewards to our delegators.

CardanoCafe strives to help heal the environmental wounds of our planet by supporting multiple charitable organizations that work tirelessly for the benefit of nature, wildlife, and mankind.



Blocks minted


Last Block

3 hours ago

Rewards paid

2.47 M ADA

CardanoCafe is member of Climate Neutral Cardano Group

Recent Blocks

Epoch Time TXs Output Slot Leader
317 26th Jan 19:52:36 UTC 26th 19:52 UTC 66 13.94 M ADA [CAFE]
317 26th Jan 14:23:55 UTC 26th 14:23 UTC 60 1.09 M ADA [CAFE]
317 26th Jan 14:19:20 UTC 26th 14:19 UTC 30 0.06 M ADA [CAFE]
317 26th Jan 08:49:13 UTC 26th 08:49 UTC 39 0.22 M ADA [CAFE2]
316 25th Jan 05:37:45 UTC 25th 05:37 UTC 42 4.38 M ADA [CAFE]
316 24th Jan 22:43:14 UTC 24th 22:43 UTC 36 0.14 M ADA [CAFE2]
316 24th Jan 21:50:55 UTC 24th 21:50 UTC 60 2.63 M ADA [CAFE]
316 24th Jan 21:36:46 UTC 24th 21:36 UTC 51 1.54 M ADA [CAFE]
316 24th Jan 07:24:48 UTC 24th 07:24 UTC 36 0.68 M ADA [CAFE]
316 24th Jan 05:56:37 UTC 24th 05:56 UTC 74 0.27 M ADA [CAFE]

Live Statistics

ROA Lifetime: 4.993 % 4.218 % 4.003 %
Luck Lifetime: 102 % 96 % 180 %
Margin: 0.00 % 0.00 % 0.00 %
Pledge: 100 k ADA 100 k ADA 25 k ADA
Saturation: 21.33 % 6.38 % 0.29 %
Delegators: 1388 121 12

CardanoCafe's Worldwide Support of Charity Organizations and Associations

CardanoCafe is proud to be a member of Climate Neutral Cardano.

Climate Neutral Cardano (CNC) is an alliance of Cardano stake pools committed to using 100% renewable energy for the operation of their stake pool servers. In addition, they donate a portion of their pool operator rewards to protect their climate and environment. CNC is working together with the Cardano Community, institutions and external parties to achieve their common goal of making Cardano the most eco-friendly blockchain platform.

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2021 Cardano Summit Highlights Partnership Announcements Part 5

Cardano has committed $100,000,000 (yes, that's One Hundred Million Dollars), and created two new venture capital groups that will provide investments for companies that develop projects and products that will involve Cardano in the process. The subsidiaries will collaborate with startups around the world utilizing the Cardano blockchain and Cardano products.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

When a P2P network becomes a tree decoration and network cables become presents, then its time for Christmas. CardanoCafe says thank you and wishes a Merry Christmas to you!

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Cardano's Peer-to-Peer (P2P) feature is coming closer

Longly waited for, it is finally coming closer: The Peer-to-Peer (P2P) feature which many stake pool operators have been waiting for is currently in testnet. The P2P feature will drive ever greater network decentralization. Working with a small group of SPOs, IOHK has now implemented automated peer-to-peer components – to make network node connections smoother & more seamless.

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