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Block 1000 at [CAFE] and 7 relays in total now!

written by Chris published at 2021-04-11

It was an exciting day: On April 9th, 2021 CAFE successfully roasted its 1000th Block. Meanwhile, CardanoCafe increased the number of relay nodes to 7.

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Pledge increased to 50k ADA at [CAFE2]

written by Chris published at 2021-03-18

Lots of new delegators have joined cozy [CAFE2] yesterday. Therefore it was time to add more pledge!

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CardanoCafe is now part of The Generation Forest Project in Panama

written by Chris published at 2021-03-10

As of today, CardanoCafe is part of the offical generation reforestation project in Panama. Due to your loyal support, CardanoCafe was able to buy an area of 1.000m² which will now get cultivated and reforestated sustainable.

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CardanoCafe increases the number of charity partners

written by Chris published at 2021-02-28

UNICEF wants to end poverty in all its forms, everywhere, end hunger and achieve food, security and improved nutrition, ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all, at all ages.

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3rd Independent Relaynode of CAFE2 launched!

written by Chris published at 2021-02-07

I would like to announce, that as of today, CAFE2 is powered by three independent relay nodes as well. Now, CAFE2 has the same amount of relay nodes as its big brother CAFE1.

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