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How to setup prometheus and grafana on a dedicated machine to monitor your cardano nodes

written by Chris published at 2020-11-21

Prometheus and grafana are helpful tools to monitor your nodes. They have a built-in alert function which notifies you about arising problems. This guide will show how to setup your infrastructure to do this monitoring with a separate machine thus not requiring additional installations on your vital cardano nodes.

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Project Page released

written by Chris published at 2020-11-15

The new project page of CardanoCafe is online which shows what charity organizations get support from CardanoCafe.

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Third Block Found

written by Chris published at 2020-11-09

We have good news: After a long period of waiting we have finally minted our third block.

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Converting YAML to JSON when configuring RTView

written by Chris published at 2020-11-08

RTView is a new monitoring tool released by IOHK. When configuring or installing RTView, you might need the help of yaml to json converters.

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Pledge doubled, Fee decreased to 0% + 340 ADA

written by Chris published at 2020-10-27

I am happy to announce good news for you. We doubled pledge and reduced the fees of our pool.

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