Greener Pastures and Cafe For A Better World

Stake Pool Operation

Greener Pastures and Cafe For A Better World

Greener Pastures has published an evaluation of "green" Cardano Stake Pools based upon all around performance, team commitment, sustainable energy usage, return on staked ADA, and donations to charitable projects. The results highlighted a number of excellent pools available to all holders of Ada. Several pools made it into the top ranks measured by the selected categories, but the Cafe community should feel pretty good about which Stake Pool was declared the “winner”...

3200 Cardano Stake Pools

There are 3200 Cardano Stake Pools currently operating all over the world.  A good number of them have declared themselves to be Green, and CardanoCafe operates 3 of them: Cafe, Cafe 2, and Cafe 3. Our SPO, Chris, has made it his mission from day one that Cafe would maintain the highest operating standards, be housed in data centers supplied with renewable clean energy,  attract a community of dedicated delegators, and support environmental causes in order help make life on Earth better for all.  Those of us who have staked our ADA with Cafe are in full agreement with these parameters and goals, and the recently published evaluation of 50 green Cardano pools by Greener Pastures confirms our commitment.

The Guidelines

Greener Pastures conducted an exhaustive study of 50 green Cardano Stake pools with specific guidelines focusing on sustainability, transparency, communication, and support of environmental causes.  Their website header reads:

"The future is Blockchain, and the future we want is Sustainable."

The study states that Greener Pastures sought to determine, "What is the best pool for me to stake my ADA, based on the amount of ADA I wish to stake, my investment timeline, and expected return, as well as the causes I wish to support?"  They created a list of 50 Stake Pools that align with sustainability and self-identify as "being green." They used a multiple sources of data including Adafolio,, CNC, Explorer, etc, and evaluated the chosen pools for Cardano-related performance and sustainability.

The Results

There were a number of excellent pools that came out in the top rankings. Among them were Eco Pool, Stake For Nature Pool, Bio Pool, CO2 Pool, Reservoir Pool, Renew Pool, and Stake Green Pool. But for all of us who are in the Cafe Community, the truly exciting final result is that they declared the CardanoCafe pool group as their choice for "Winner":

"Our personal favorite, and where we are currently staking our ADA, is the CardanoCafe group. We love this group of pools because of its transparency and high level of sustainability reporting track record, pool sizes, (which are able to generate consistent donations), and the team's level of communication and commitment."

You can read the entire report by going to the link below. It is well worth the time it takes and is informative and inspiring too.

Appreciation and Gratitude

My appreciation for what Chris has accomplished, and his ongoing dedication to our community, cannot be overstated. I say this as a happy Delegator, running a full node Daedalus Wallet Interface that I update each and every day. I say this also as a member of Chris's team, a very small team to be sure, but a small team with a lot of heart and soul.  It is an honor to contribute to the Cafe community, and I think a bit of community celebration is in order, agreed?

written by: Eric Hill     published at: Nov 1, 2022

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Stake Pool Operation

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