Quick Post: Recent Block Production and Rewards

Stake Pool Operation

Quick Post: Recent Block Production and Rewards

Our Telegram Channel has received some excellent questions regarding Cafe's track record for creation of blocks and the rewards associated with this process. Here is a quick look at a recent highly productive run of block creation during some of the most recent epochs.

   We are currently in Epoch 354, and the chart shown below does not include the most recent epochs, but if you scan down the third column titled: "Actual Blocks minted/Blocks to match 100% luck", you get an exact accounting of the blocks minted by Cafe during the last 18 Epochs.  We had a great run of four Epochs in a row from Epoch 341 which started on May 5th to Epoch 344 which ended on June 14th.   Epoch 344 had 52 Blocks minted for a Luck percentage of 106.12%, Epoch 341 saw 55 Blocks minted for a Luck percentage of 105.77%, Epoch 343 minted 60 Blocks for a Luck percentage of 115.38%, and the big winner was Epoch 342 which saw 62 Blocks minted for a Luck Percentage of 119.23%. Our success iin Epoch 342 was the ATH for block production by Cafe ever.  Going down the list to Epoch 330 through 333 reveals lower number of blocks were minted with an increasing number the closer it gets to our current Epoch.

   The column to the far right shows the rewards that were earned for having 10,000 ADA delegated, so some relatively simple math shows you what you have been earning during the listed Epochs.  If you compare the percentage earnings that Money Market Accounts and Savings Accounts are yielding these days, having an ROA of 4.05% and above is comforting during the current unsettled macro-economic landscape.

  As I said above, this is a quick post just to illustrate the success Cafe is having with the ongoing positive earnings and rewards being produced...Some good news during unsettled times.

written by: Eric Hill     published at: Jul 26, 2022

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Stake Pool Operation

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