Support Cafe's Reforestation Initiative In Panama

Stake Pool Operation

Support Cafe's Reforestation Initiative In Panama

We are continuously looking to strengthen our support for our environmental projects. With your help and the the delegated stake by delegators like you we want to extend Cafe's area of reforestation in Panama to 10,000m².

It is with great pride and a sense of fullfilment to look back at the the more than 4,000 blocks minted to date by the three stake pools of CardanoCafe.  More than 3,500 blocks were forged by [CAFE] solely.  The success of our stake pools is enhanced by our commitment to the significant charitable causes we are engaged with.  We are continously looking to strengthen our support for our environmental projects. With your help and the increasing amount of Stake we could extend CardanoCafe's area of reforestation in Panama to 5,000m².

As we decided, we would like to expand this support: Once we hit a Live Stake of 10 M ADA at [CAFE2], we would like to increase the area of reforestation to 10,000m². As many of you might have noticed in the past, [CAFE] has a higher active stake than [CAFE2]. Therefore, one of our goals at this time is to encourage delegators like you to shift their delegation from [CAFE] to [CAFE2] in order to achieve a more even balance between these two pools.

There are two things we would like to highlight and offer to you:

  • [CAFE2] will stay at 0% fees in contrast to [CAFE] which got back a small fee of 2%. If you are a delegator at [CAFE], then don't worry, this fee has neglible impact on your rewards.
  • Anyway, if you like to stay at 0% fees, simply redelegate to [CAFE2]. This would help us, too - to achieve our next goal with Panama!

[CAFE] was running at 0% fees for a limited amount of time since October 2021. That was zero fees for more than half a year! We decided to set this fee back, but 0.5% lower than it was before October 2021 (it was 2,5%). Don't worry - this new fee of 2.0% has neglible impact on your rewards.

As mentioned, If you would like to stay at 0%, however, we encourage you to move your delegations from [CAFE] to [CAFE2]. [CAFE2] will continue to operate at 0% fees!

Keep in mind that we will always inform you about changes in our fees and as mentioned on our Stake Pool website, our fees will be never above 2.5%! Promised!

We want to be one of the best Stake Pools in the ecosystem of Cardano. We operate our own enterprise hardware gear in one of the most modern datacenters of Germany. We want to support the decentralization of Cardano by using hardware in datacenters which aren’t used by cloud providers! We do not use traditional air conditioning for our server gear, but instead use KyotoCooling. This is one of the world's most efficient cooling technologies and helps to keep the carbon footprint as low as possible. All energy sources we use are renewable/suatainable energies, mainly from hydro plants! We want to show to the world that cryptocurrencies aren't correlated with high power consumption like Proof-of-Work coins. Instead, ecosystems like Cardano bring opportunities to people in all parts of the world to participate in financial systems that offer fair conditions for everyone - without any central authority and without any censorship!


written by: Eric Hill     published at: Jul 4, 2022

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Stake Pool Operation

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