Supported Projects and Charity Organizations

Image © IFAW

IFAW works to rescue individual animals, safeguard populations, preserve habitat, and advocate for greater protections.

so far 1,350 € in total were donated to IFAW

Image © Anna Suriny ach/MSF

Médecins Sans Frontières brings medical humanitarian assistance to victims of conflict, natural disasters, epidemics or healthcare exclusion.

so far 1,620 € in total were donated to MSF

Image © TGF

The team of "The Generation Forest" plants forests with focus on their ecological as well as economic viability. They have nine active reforestation projects ongoing in Panama.

so far 15,248 € in total were contributed to TGF

Image © UNICEF

UNICEF works in over 190 countries and territories to save children's lives, defend their rights, and help them fulfil their potential, from early childhood through adolescence.

so far 1,090 € in total were donated to UNICEF

Image © Aaron Gekoski WWF US

WWF wants to build a future in which people live in harmony with nature! WWF is striving to safeguard the natural world, helping people live more sustainably and take action against climate change.

so far 4,590 € in total were donated to WWF

Image © ASB/Schmidt

Aktion Deutschland Hilft, Germany's Relief Coalition is a union of German relief organisations that can provide rapid and effective aid in the case of large catastrophes and emergency situations abroad.

so far 570 € in total were donated to ADH

CardanoCafe is official Contributor of Climate Neutral Cardano (CNC)

  • Climate Neutral Cardano Group (CNCG) is an alliance of Cardano stake pools committed to using 100% renewable energy for the operation of our stake pool servers.
  • In addition and as outlined above, we donate a portion of our pool operator rewards to protect our climate and environment.
  • CNCG is working together with the Cardano Community, institutions and external parties to achieve our common goal of making Cardano the most eco-friendly blockchain platform.
  • Find out more about our member stake pools here.

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