Projects of CardanoCafe

Overview of the supported charity projects for mankind, nature conservation and animal welfare


my name is Chris, founder and administrator of CardanoCafe.

Why CardanoCafe is online - regardless of the profit

When I discovered Cardano in 2017, I was thrilled by the roadmap and the scientific vision behind it. I followed the continuous development of Cardano closely and decided to become an official validator once the shelley blockchain became live. Since its launch in 2020, CardanoCafe has collected more than 50 million ADA from loyal delegators of the Cardano community. Cardano's ground breaking technology has the capability of changing the world and to help solving some of the most ubiquitous real world problems.

Today, one of the most challenging tasks for mankind is finding the balance between technology, nature, and wildlife. In addition to this, we are faced with countless humanitarian crisis that require urgent attention to preserve human life; such as providing immediate aid to those affected by conflicts, epidemics, and disasters. As we advance and our population grows, so do our conflicts with the natural world. It is becoming increasingly evident that achieving this balance between when to prioritise humanity or the environment is both complicated, and potentially catastrophic when miscalculated.

CardanoCafe wants to participate actively in fighting against these problems.

Thus, while supporting blockchain technologies by operating CardanoCafe, I additionally contribute a regular monthly amount to charity organizations that support projects in three key aspects of our world: mankind, nature and wildlife.

With your delegation to CardanoCafe you can easily be part of this contribution each month.

I want to be clear, transparent and open-minded at all times, therefore you can easily view the yearly reports of my contributions to each charity organization. If you have any questions about my contributions please feel free contact me. I am happy to help.

I welcome you as a delegator and supporter of CardanoCafe and will give my best to serve one of the best cups of freshly roasted ADA-rewards to you!


Founder, Barista and Administrator of CardanoCafe

Medecins Sans Frontières

I support Medecins Sans Frontières

Image © MSF


As a Global Protector, I support the commitment of WWF

Image © Aaron Gekoski WWF US


I support IFAW in rescueing and rehabilitating animals and wildlife

Image © IFAW

Overview about contributions
since 2019

Years & Months MSF WWF IFAW
2019 360.00 € 1020.00 € 300.00 €
2020 360.00 € 1020.00 € 300.00 €

In each january, the donation receipts of the previous year will be published and linked in the table above.