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[CAFE] - CardanoCafe

[CAFE] is our oldest Block Producer, Stake Pool and Coffee Machine. It has been at the heart of CardanoCafe since its foundation in 2020 and has roasted 11541 Cardano Blocks to date.

[CAFE] Pool Details

Active Stake: 72.43 M ADA Fee: 1.00% + 340 ADA
Delegators: 5480 Saturation: 97.30%
[CAFE] is close to saturation - would you like to delegate to another CAFE?

Daedalus: pool1tdsrw0n33gmy0mzh7cgtn9p0jy5xwjxaa2s26gn2ewf8kg4nrzx
Yoroi: 5b60373e718a3647ec57f610b9942f91286748ddeaa0ad226acb927b

[CAFE2] - CardanoCafe Two

1786 Cardano Blocks so far have been finished off by [CAFE2] which is our high quality machine well known as the master for creamy frothed milk with a delicious shot of espresso! Enjoy your ADAs à la Latte Macchiato!

[CAFE2] Pool Details

Active Stake: 10.06 M ADA Fee: 0.00% + 340 ADA
Delegators: 587 Saturation: 13.68%
Great, there are many free seats! [CAFE2] welcomes you!

Daedalus: pool1ufp38a9zwlvvrzcyxaxdrvav50nd7az5lyuzh4t0h3qp2gqamsx
Yoroi: e24313f4a277d8c18b04374cd1b3aca3e6df7454f9382bd56fbc4015

[CAFE3] - CardanoCafe Three

[CAFE3] is ready to roast the hottest ADA rewards for you. You don't need your rewards directly from the beginning and are looking for long-haul? Then [CAFE3] is the best choice for you (149 Blocks)!

[CAFE3] Pool Details

Active Stake: 0.69 M ADA Fee: 0.00% + 340 ADA
Delegators: 46 Saturation: 0.93%
Great, there are many free seats! [CAFE3] welcomes you!

Daedalus: pool18ljuhhw27t85zddz0pvsmsjsz5k0mlz03pzsxgh8qarcsw5wycc
Yoroi: 3fe5cbddcaf2cf4135a278590dc250152cfdfc4f88450322e7074788

Are you interested in more details about our Stake Pools? Have a look at our Statistics Page which presents detailed metrics and live data about our Stake Pools.

Why delegate to CardanoCafe?

Low Solid Fees

We have solid parameters which we barely change. We guarantee that our fees will never exceed 2.5%. Promised! Check our fee history at! Our fees are within the range between 0.0% and 2.5% - but never above.

Support of Charity Organizations

CardanoCafe contributes multiple regular monthly amounts to charity organizations that support projects in three key aspects of our world: mankind, nature and wildlife. View details of our support at Projects.

Reliable Dedicated Servers

Multiple dedicated clusters of enterprise server hardware bring the best reliable staking experience to you. CardanoCafe's nodes are hosted on our own physical dedicated servers and on multiple clusters of high availability (HA) resources with guaranteed SLAs.

100% Renewable Energy

CardanoCafe is committed to using 100% renewable energy not only for the operation, but also for the cooling of our stake pool servers. Let's show that Blockchain can be climate neutral!

CardanoCafe is official Member of the Climate Neutral Cardano Group!

Certified Datacenters

All machines of CardanoCafe are operating in server racks housed in professional datacenters in Germany with highly efficient UPS systems and with complete redundancy for air conditioning, power supply (redundant A and B feeds) and lowest latency network connections.

Our Team: Chris, Alex and Eric

We want to bring the best staking experience to you. Alex is responsible for all our graphic design work. Eric informs you about the latest news of Cardano ecosystems in his Blog and Chris is our system administrator who manages our server systems. Our goal is roasting the best blocks for you!

Enjoy high rewards

Delegate your stake to one of our CardanoCafe's Stake Pools and enjoy the best rewards while relishing your freshly infused cup of ada - roasted by CardanoCafe!

Automatic email information when pool saturations occur

Enjoy our automatic email notifications about our pool saturations. This helps to achieve maximum rewards at all times. No need to check pool saturation by yourself! Would you like to subscribe? Scroll down and check the section below.


View detailed statistics about our block production, rewards being earned, real time annual percentage rates of return and our donations each month.

Automated Saturation Notification Service

Maximum rewards at all times

In order to earn maximum rewards it is best not to delegate to pools which are oversaturated or close to 100% saturation. You can see the current saturation levels of each stake pool at the pool details info cards at the top of this page or at the statistics page.

CardanoCafe's automated saturation notification service informs you automatically in the event of oversaturation.

Enter your mail address to enjoy our automated notification service for free. In the event of one of our pools is oversaturated you will get notified automatically to shift your delegation to a different pool. This way you do not need to check the saturation levels of our pools manually - you can lean back, enjoy a cup of coffee and the highest possible rewards at all times.


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To earn rewards use a wallet of your choice and delegate to one of CardanoCAFE's Stake Pools

Daedalus Wallet

Full Node Software which requires full blockchain synchronization; Runs on Windows, Mac, Linux; Minimum hardware requirements: 64-bit dual core processors, 4 GB of RAM, 10 GB of free drive space, Broadband Internet connection required

How to stake using Daedalus Wallet

Yoroi Wallet

Supported on Android, iOS and available as extension for Firefox & Chrome browsers; Internet connection required

How to stake using Yoroi Wallet

Adalite Wallet

Web Wallet, no installation required; supported on common browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Edge; Internet connection required

How to stake using ADALite Wallet

Enjoy your rewards and let your passive income grow!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do my ADA get locked when delegating?

No, you will always have full control of your Cardano assets. Your assets will remain in your wallet at all times. Also when your coins are delegated, you may withdraw or transfer them at any time. Important: It is not necessary to send ADAs to anyone for the purpose of delegating / staking!

Can I split my delegation to multiple pools?

In Daedalus and Yoroi, there is no built-in split-feature to delegate your funds to multiple pools at once. It is only possible to have one active delegation per wallet. Therefore, if you would like to delegate to two or more pools at the same time when using Daedalus and Yoroi, we recommend to create one wallet per pool you would like to delegate to. When using ADALite wallet, delegating to multiple pools is supported by default. You can read more about it here.

After Delegation: When will I receive my rewards?

A question we often get asked is, “How long does it take until rewards get paid out?” Please have a look at this chart.

Image © Cardano Foundation

If you delegate your ADA during epoch 0, CardanoCafe - or any other stake pool - will include your stake in the process of block-producing two epochs later. This is how the Cardano ecosystem works. Again, two epochs after that you will begin receiving rewards. This is the case in any epoch you begin delegating your stake in. One epoch is exactly five days long. Therefore, you will begin receiving staking rewards about 20 days after you delegated. The number of days may shift a bit depending on when exactly your delegation became active.

Does my computer need to stay online to earn staking rewards?

Once delegated, your computer does not need to stay online!

Further Questions?

You have any further questions? Feel free to get in contact with us!