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Stake Pool Operation

Pledge increased to 50k ADA at [CAFE2]

Lots of new delegators have joined cozy [CAFE2] yesterday. Therefore it was time to add more pledge!

Mar 18, 2021, by Chris


CardanoCafe is now part of The Generation Forest Project in Panama

As of today, CardanoCafe is part of the offical generation reforestation project in Panama. Due to your loyal support, CardanoCafe was able to buy an area of 1.000m² which will now get cultivated and reforestated sustainable.

Mar 10, 2021, by Chris


CardanoCafe increases the number of charity partners

UNICEF wants to end poverty in all its forms, everywhere, end hunger and achieve food, security and improved nutrition, ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all, at all ages.

Feb 28, 2021, by Chris

Stake Pool Operation

3rd Independent Relaynode of CAFE2 launched!

I would like to announce, that as of today, CAFE2 is powered by three independent relay nodes as well. Now, CAFE2 has the same amount of relay nodes as its big brother CAFE1.

Feb 7, 2021, by Chris

Knowledge Base

Update grafana metrics when updating to cardano-node 1.25.1

Cardano's [CAFE] and [CAFE2] are updated to newest version 1.25.1. For all stake pool operators (SPOs) it is important to know that with release of 1.25.1 the mainnet-config.json in the repository of CF / IOHK was consolidated and is a lot slimmer than previous! Some names of statistic variables have changed. In most cases the wording "ChainDB_" was removed. So be sure to update your grafana dashboard so that you can still enjoy your statistics after update to 1.25.1.

Feb 2, 2021, by Chris

Stake Pool Operation

First Block roasted by CAFE2

Today, I am happy to announce that our new cozy stake pool CardanoCafe 2 roasted its first block.

Jan 20, 2021, by Chris

Stake Pool Operation

CardanoCafe roasted its 100th block

CardanoCafe is happy to announce its 100th roasted block. Thank you delegators for your support! You're the best!

Jan 9, 2021, by Chris

Stake Pool Operation

3rd Relay Node launched

CardanoCafe has launched an additional relay node.

Jan 3, 2021, by Chris

Stake Pool Operation

Review of previous two weeks

CardanoCafe is happy to look back at two fabulous weeks. In just two weeks we created more blocks than we did in total during the four months before.

Dec 11, 2020, by Chris

Stake Pool Operation

We minted our 10th Block!

It's finally there: Our 10th block! Thanks to all our delegators for your loyal support!

Dec 2, 2020, by Chris

Stake Pool Operation

New Block per Epoch Record & CardanoCafe Updated to 1.23.0

CardanoCafe achieved new records in epoch 232: for the first time, we achieved three blocks per epoch.

Dec 1, 2020, by Chris

Knowledge Base

How to setup prometheus and grafana on a dedicated machine to monitor your cardano nodes

Prometheus and grafana are helpful tools to monitor your nodes. They have a built-in alert function which notifies you about arising problems. This guide will show how to setup your infrastructure to do this monitoring with a separate machine thus not requiring additional installations on your vital cardano nodes.

Nov 21, 2020, by Chris

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