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Jun 6, 2021, by Eric Hill

For those of us who are passionate about blockchain technology and the Cardano network in particular, becoming informed about Atala Prism is essential. The IOHK website enables anyone to examine Atala Prism and explore the astonishing benefits it offers to literally everyone in the world.

 “Atala PRISM is a decentralized identity solution that enables people to own their personal data and interact with organizations seamlessly, privately, and securely.”
 This simple description is a small window into the immense universe of limitless potential that PRISM represents.  Atala PRISM establishes the “Trust Economy” for growing businesses, effective governments, and empowered individuals.  The words “empower”, empowering”,  and “empowered” are not used lightly when describing the unbelievable scope that PRISM represents.  
 The reality of “DID”, (digital decentralized identity), provides individuals with a new way to own their personal information.  This in turn enables secure and trusted transactions in everyday life.  PRISM provides for the issuance of digital identities and credentials that the user controls and can easily share, and the credentials are instantly verifiable from anywhere without the need of third party verification. The Use Cases of PRISM span the full range of Education, Government, Health, Enterprise, Finance, Travel, and Social interaction.  

  • Education: PRISM can securely store a student’s DID, Grades, Transcripts, Degrees, Exams, Diplomas, and Certificates. 
  • Government: DID, Civic Records, Licenses, Records, Certificates, Awards, Deeds, and Birth Certificates.
  • Health: DID, Licenses, Health Records, Vaccinations, Prescriptions.
  • Enterprise: DID, Job References, Invoices, Certificates, Loyalty Programs
  • Finance: DID, Account Details, Asset Ownership, KYC Compliance, Statements, Agreements.
  • Travel: Boarding Passes, Travel Insurance, Flight Tickets, Bus and Train Tickets, Car Rental Memberships, Parking Permits.
  • Social: Gym Memberships, Museum Passes, Movie Tickets, Concert Tickets, Library Cards.

 The core component of Cardano’s deal with the Ethiopian Ministry of Education is the establishment of a DID for 5,000,000 Ethiopian secondary school students who will have tablets with Atala Prism installed.  For those of us in the Western world, where we take documentation and personal identity for granted, it may not be possible for us to fully appreciate the bright light that Atala PRISM represents to the 3 billion “undocumented and unbanked” people in the world.
 But this bright light is not a promise or a hope for the future, the future is now.  Atala PRISM is available as an App right now for IOS and Android.  I downloaded it instantly and created my own DID right on my iPhone.  As a participant in the decentralization power of Cardano, you owe it to yourself to see that this is not just something we are wishing for.

We also recommend to watch the video below of IOHK about Atala Prism. In this video, Dynal Patel, IOHK's Chief Product Officer talks about how Atala Prism will provide benefits for institutions and end-users and offers details about the work already underway in Ethiopia.

written by: Eric Hill     published at: Jun 6, 2021
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