Block 100 of [CAFE2]

Stake Pool Operation

Block 100 of [CAFE2]

Founded in the beginning of this year, the Cardano Stake Pool [CAFE2] is happy to look back at its 100th Block! 119 Delegators and their Active Stake of 4.5 Million ADA got rewarded by [CAFE2].

I would like to take this opportunity and thank all delegators who enjoy the service of our Stake Pools!
CardanoCafe will continue to do its best in operating a reliable infrastructure of servers to provide a steady passive income for you. By delegating your ADAs to CardanoCafe you benefit from a reliable partner at your side which loves to roast your blocks with passion and which supports projects in three keys aspects in our world: mankind, nature and wildlife! All the electricity CardanoCafe uses comes from 100% renewable energy sources. At the moment, CardanoCafe operates 7 relays to provide best redundancy - and additional relays are getting prepared!

I am happy to look back at a lot of people who joined [CAFE2] recently. E.g. some of them were looking for help to get their first delegation done correctly. I am glad that we were able to help them and that they've found a cozy seat in [CAFE2]. You're still looking for a Stake Pool? Why not have a look at [CAFE2]? Powered by 0% fees, this is a Stake Pool which gives one of the best returns! You are still not sure how delegating and staking works? Feel free to get in contact with us. We're happy to help at any time!

As one additional information lastly, I would like to highlight that CardanoCafe's Stake pool [CAFE] is one of the charity stake pools with highest ROS worldwide according to at the moment. Great!

Thanks for your delegation! It's great to see you as a a part of CardanoCafe! Enjoy your cup of ADA-rewards!
written by: Chris     published at: May 27, 2021

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Stake Pool Operation

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Stake Pool Operation

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Stake Pool Operation

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Stake Pool Operation

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Stake Pool Operation

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