2021 Cardano Summit Highlights Partnership Announcements Part 5

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2021 Cardano Summit Highlights Partnership Announcements Part 5

Cardano has committed $100,000,000 (yes, that's One Hundred Million Dollars), and created two new venture capital groups that will provide investments for companies that develop projects and products that will involve Cardano in the process. The subsidiaries will collaborate with startups around the world utilizing the Cardano blockchain and Cardano products.


IOHK, Input Output Hong Kong, is the mother-ship company that launched Cardano. Emurgo is the financial branch of Cardano, and is responsible for the financial empowerment of Cardano's many projects and products.  During the 2021 Worldwide Summit, it became clear that Cardano. IOHK and Emurgo have put their money where their mouths are by announcing the creation of two new venture capital entities and commiting $100,000,000 to them for the purpose of investing in projects and products that will include Cardano in their development. Every time I see these types of real-life examples of the Cardano world vision, I am absolutely happy about being part of this dynamic community.

Emurgo Ventures 

The first of the new venture capital subsidiaries is Emurgo Ventures. Emurgo Ventures will be searching for unique companies that will collaborate with Cardano in the creation and development of their products.  Defi, NFT platforms, and other decentralized projects will be able to partner with Cardano which will further the scope and reach of the ecosystem. And again, making the comittment of $100,000,000 to the two new subsidiaries is serious business in my opinion.

  "We are focused more than ever on accelerating the development of Cardano's ecosystem with a rich mix of decentralized services catering to a global community that is increasing in overall blockchain awareness." Emurgo Ceo Ken Kodama

Emurgo Africa

Emurgo Africa is the co-subsidiary which will further Cardano's intention upon being the first company to engage the vast potential for crypto-currency based solutions and blockchain solutions in Africa. The continent is rife with deeply entrenched financial imbalances and efficiency failures.  Millions and millions of Africans are unbanked and undocumented. Emurgo Africa seeks to support 300 startups in Africa which will add millions of users to the Cardano blockchain and ecosystem. And in keeping with Cardano's stated mission of changing the world for the better, project that provide socially useful and change-oriented solutions will be prioritized. The eventual goal is to create a decentralized finance system that is accessible and useful in real time for those to whom common attributes of modern society are either non-existent or unaffordable. 

Cascading Disruption

My research has led me to find that the founding principle of IOHK/Cardano is what is referred to as Cascading Disruption. The implication is that minor disturbances in any kind of system or structure can have far reaching ripple effects. Cardano wants to create beneficial perturbances that will eventually reconfigure many of the unstable and unbalanced financial, and social systems in the world.  Cardano's mission is ever present in all of its actions and products, and I for one, agree that we should all participate in creating a more transparent and fair world for all of its inhabitants. 

written by: Eric Hill     published at: Jan 8, 2022

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