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Update grafana metrics when updating to cardano-node 1.25.1

written by Chris published at 2021-02-02

Cardano's [CAFE] and [CAFE2] are updated to newest version 1.25.1. For all stake pool operators (SPOs) it is important to know that with release of 1.25.1 the mainnet-config.json in the repository of CF / IOHK was consolidated and is a lot slimmer than previous! Some names of statistic variables have changed. In most cases the wording "ChainDB_" was removed. So be sure to update your grafana dashboard so that you can still enjoy your statistics after update to 1.25.1.

Here are a few examples:

Old New (1.25.1)
cardano_node_ChainDB_metrics_blockNum_int cardano_node_metrics_blockNum_int
cardano_node_ChainDB_metrics_epoch_int cardano_node_metrics_epoch_int
cardano_node_ChainDB_metrics_slotNum_int cardano_node_metrics_slotNum_int
cardano_node_ChainDB_metrics_density_real cardano_node_metrics_density_real
cardano_node_ChainDB_metrics_slotInEpoch_int cardano_node_metrics_slotInEpoch_int

Personally, I also think it's very useful to show the connected peers count which is not included in the default grafana dashboard of IOHK / CF. You can view it by cardano_node_metrics_connectedPeers_int. Another very useful information is the status of your time synchronization node_timex_maxerror_seconds. And last but not least, the Free Disk Space in Percent might be helpful especially to those who are running Cardano-Node on a rather small VPS: ((node_filesystem_avail_bytes{mountpoint="/",fstype!="rootfs"} * 100) / node_filesystem_size_bytes{mountpoint="/",fstype!="rootfs"})


I also would like to send thankful greetings to Marcel of FAIR pool and Falko of PaC_Pool for contributing to this blogposting.