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CardanoCafe is now part of The Generation Forest Project in Panama

written by Chris published at 2021-03-10

As of today, CardanoCafe is part of the offical generation reforestation project in Panama. Due to your loyal support, CardanoCafe was able to buy an area of 1.000m² which will now get cultivated and reforestated sustainable.

The generation forest is a forestry model that was developed to help create a forest that provides for the needs of humanity as well as the environment. What makes it unique among other reforestation projects is that the forests are not clear-cut as they are in plantations. Instead of a monoculture, TGF plants a healthy mixture of different native tree species to create a dynamic ecosystem. Young and old trees are cultivated alongside one another in a permanent system: the generations of trees have a positive effect on their surrounding forest as well as on the animals that live within them.

You can be part of this project by your delegation to the stake pools of [CAFE] or by applying at the website of TGF. I collected information about TGF and the contributions of CardanoCafe at the projects page. During the next two years, each month a fee of 50 EUR gets transferred to TGF to bring up the new reforestation area. Our first payment is in March 2021.