The Great Expansion in the Darién Region


The Great Expansion in the Darién Region

In the past few months TGF has had an incredible boost. Thanks to the unwavering support and the many new members, TGF has been able to think in completely different dimensions in the past months than before.

Iliana Armién (Head of Forestry) and Juan Gonzales (Head of Forestry Operations) have been on the road quite a bit and have found new properties. The purchase of this land has now been decided by the board of TGF. This will allow them to almost double their land area in Panama for reforestation purpose. In this article, we would like to explain in more detail which areas they have purchased and what will happen next.

The New Land
Besides the recently acquired fincas Las Claritas (83 ha) and Castro (70 ha) the board of directors approved the purchase of the following fincas in its last meetings:
  • a 25 ha finca next to La Ponderosa ($112,500)
  • a 25 ha finca next to Finca Castro ($125,000)
  • a 38.4 ha finca next to La Ponderosa ($197,904)
Land in Quebrada Lastemia
In addition, TGF is going to buy further fincas 30 km east of their existing sites. However, they are not directly neighbouring their current properties, but form an independent, contiguous area:
  • a 49.5 ha finca ($222,682)
  • a 49.6 ha finca ($223,349)
  • a 46.3 ha finca ($208,560)
  • a 46 ha finca ($207,000)
  • a 48,8 ha finca ($219,664)
The new area is called Quebrada Lastemia and is located in close proximity to the indigenous community in Arimae, who tend a natural forest of about 2,000 ha in the middle of a deforested landscape. The proximity to this forest is a great advantage for TGF, as they could get access to seed material and important local knowledge in cooperation with the community. 


A big leap forward
So far TGF owns 374 ha of land. Of this, 148 ha are in the Colon region and 226 ha in Darién. If the purchase is implemented as decided, TGF will invest $1,516,659 and thus acquire 328.6 ha of additional land in the Darién region. In total, this would increase TGF's total area to 702.6 ha. Just a few months ago, we would hardly have thought this possible. TGF is all the more pleased about this huge success, which is only possible thanks to the big support - even if not everything has been implemented down to the last detail and the contracts have not yet been signed.
 Experience shows that the last steps until the complete occupation of the fincas can still take a few months. In most cases, the properties have mortgages and lengthy negotiations and processes with the banks have to be gone through. In any case, we are optimistic about these upcoming tasks and are extremely looking forward to this next big milestone. We will keep you posted on further developments in the purchase process of TGF.
written by: Chris     published at: Jul 11, 2021

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