2021 Cardano Summit Partnership Announcement Highlights Part 3

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2021 Cardano Summit Partnership Announcement Highlights Part 3

In keeping with Cardano's mission to apply blockchain solutions to real-life problems for the billions of unbanked and undocumented citizens of underdeveloped nations, IOHK has entered into partnership with Oasis Pro Markets. Oasis offers access to fractional, tokenized alternative investments through fully digital, low friction marketplaces by utilizing Smart Contracts, Stablecoins, and Blockchain technology.

 The Worldwide Remittance Problem

Among the many worlwide impacts that the pandemic has caused, is the continuation of restricted capital investments by financially advanced nations into undercapitalized countries.  The developed nations of the world have focused on their own needs more than ever since the Spring of 2020. The vast, well documented, worldwide flow of remittances sent by foreign workers back to their countries of origin partiallly makes up for the dwindling international capital availability, but it is certainly not a viable or economically sound strategy.  Also the exploitive and userous costs for sending money abroad has a big impact on how much the recipients actually receive. In light of this serious lack of investment activitiy, Cardano has teamed up with Oasis Pro Markets to use Cardano's blockchain technology and smart contract capability to bring digital, low friction, financial market opportunity to the least financially able countries of the world. This brave new world of Fintech is often referred to as "real-fi". 

 What Oasis Does 

Honestly, to me Oasis is simply an incredible company.  Their CEO, Pat Lavecchia, states unequivocably that Oasis is at the forefront of digital finance, but it is the way of the future for all finance companies looking ahead.  The company describes itself as, "A streamlined platform for accredited and institutional investors to access secondary market liquidity for multi-asset digital securities." The key words here are "digital securities".  Oasis will deploy smart contracts as the core functional element when matching investors with opportunities.  Mr. Lavecchia references their "matching engine" mutliple times in the announcement video, and always follows that up with "smart contracts." Oasis also offers a blockchain advisory service to assist issuers with the creation of digital securities. Their mantra is: "Digital Securities plus Digital Cash plus Blockchain Technology equals Immediate Settlement." Technically the company is the first ATS (Alternative Trading System) to be approved to trade digital cash in the form of stablecoins and centrally backed digital stablecoins versus digital securities, equity and fixed income.

What Oasis Offers

   The company offers liquidity for private and public marketplace digital securities, streamlined onboarding for investors, and efficient onboarding of digital securities for issuers, all of this activity being described in language that is potentially overwhelming, but the futuristic intentions and applications are far reaching. A short list of the "Overview of Services" that Oasis provides reveals them to be heavy hitters in the financial arena. They offer the Multi Asset Alternative Trading System, they trade OTC Securities, and are authorized for all Equity, Fixed Income, Asset Backed Securities, and Funds.They are a Full Service Investment Bank offering Digital Private Placements, Traditional Private Placements, Merger and Acquisitions, and Corporate Advisory services. The company is fully committed to blockchain technology as the fulcrum point of their investment methods.

Where It Is All Headed

   The point of this post is not to confuse anyone with finance terminology that daunts the reader.  The over arching subject of this series of posts is the string of partnership announcements that were highlighted at the Cardano 2021 Summit.  It is clear to me that Cardano means business when it comes to fulfilling its stated mission as a world changing ecosystem.  I hope you feel the same sense of purpose and community that I do when I see the progress being made across all fronts.  One of Charles Hoskinson's current new catchwords is: "RealFi", a further extension of "Defi", but he believes strongly that there needs to be governance and dependability of standards across the broad scope of the Defi space, rather than see it become a Wild West of digital uncertainty. For the 3 billion unbanked and undocumented inhabitants of the undercapitalized countries of the world, RealFi represents hope for their current circumstances and for their future. Being able to irrevocably establish identity, credentials, and personal data through a blockchain app such as Atala Prism is the first step, the Yin as it were, of that hope. Having access to digital micro loans, digitally accessed investment capital, and the immediate opportunity that Digital Currencies and Blockchain technology offer, is the second half, the Yang. All of which is being made possible by he self-perpetuating, self-sustaining Ouroboros of life that Cardano is creating through its partnerships and its unrivaled world vision. 






written by: Eric Hill     published at: Dec 8, 2021

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