First Block roasted by CAFE2

Stake Pool Operation

First Block roasted by CAFE2

Jan 20, 2021, by Chris

Today, I am happy to announce that our new cozy stake pool CardanoCafe 2 roasted its first block.

Today, I would like to officially introduce CAFE2. It's the second stake pool of CardanoCafe running at a complete different geographical location, using it's own gateways and relays. I would like to thank all delegators who joined CardanoCafe 2 during testing phase which has ended today!
I would like to remind everyone that CAFE1 will introduce a fee of 1,5% + 340 ADA shortly. So all delegators who would like to still benefit from a 0%+340 ADA fee are encouraged to redelegate to CAFE2.
Happy staking and have a great day!

written by: Chris     published at: Jan 20, 2021
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Founded in the beginning of this year, the Cardano Stake Pool [CAFE2] is happy to look back at its 100th Block! 119 Delegators and their Active Stake of 4.5 Million ADA got rewarded by [CAFE2].

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