Second Block - Pledge doubled

Stake Pool Operation

Second Block - Pledge doubled

The team of CardanoCafe is happy to announce that we have minted our second block today. Again, to show our gratitude to all our delegators we doubled our pledge to 50k ADA.

Our second block was minted today. We would like to thank our contributors for supporting CardanoCafe. Our goal is to be one of the leading stake pools for Cardano. We would also like to take this opportunity to show our respect and thankfulness to all other stake pool operators who put lots of effort, time and money into running a stake pool for cardano's network.

We would also like to encourage motivated people to setup an own and independent stake pool. The network of cardano is only as good and secure as our nodes are. Cardano needs a huge diversity of independent stake pools hosted in different datacenters around the world to be one of the leading decentralized cryptocurrencies. In case you need help in setting up your own node, get in contact with us. We're happy to help!
written by: Chris     published at: Sep 30, 2020

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Stake Pool Operation

Greener Pastures and Cafe For A Better World

Greener Pastures has published an evaluation of "green" Cardano Stake Pools based upon all around performance, team commitment, sustainable energy usage, return on staked ADA, and donations to charitable projects. The results highlighted a number of excellent pools available to all holders of Ada. Several pools made it into the top ranks measured by the selected categories, but the Cafe community should feel pretty good about which Stake Pool was declared the “winner”...

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Stake Pool Operation

[CAFE3] Pledge increased to 100k ADA

CardanoCafe is happy to anounce that [CAFE3]'s pledge was increased to 100k ADA. As of now, all pools of CardanoCafe have the same amount of pledged ADA.

Nov 3, 2022, by Chris

Stake Pool Operation

Quick Post: Recent Block Production and Rewards

Our Telegram Channel has received some excellent questions regarding Cafe's track record for creation of blocks and the rewards associated with this process. Here is a quick look at a recent highly productive run of block creation during some of the most recent epochs.

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Stake Pool Operation

Support Cafe's Reforestation Initiative In Panama

We are continuously looking to strengthen our support for our environmental projects. With your help and the the delegated stake by delegators like you we want to extend Cafe's area of reforestation in Panama to 10,000m².

Jul 4, 2022, by Eric Hill

Stake Pool Operation

Block 1000 at [CAFE] and 7 relays in total now!

It was an exciting day: On April 9th, 2021 CAFE successfully roasted its 1000th Block. Meanwhile, CardanoCafe increased the number of relay nodes to 7.

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