CardanoCafe updated to 1.21.1

Stake Pool Operation

CardanoCafe updated to 1.21.1

Oct 7, 2020, by Chris

New versions of cardano have been released on GitHub by IOHK. We updated our relay and block producing nodes to newest version 1.21.1 accordingly.

A few hours ago, IOHK released newest pre-release 1.21.0 and version 1.21.1 on Github. We updated all of our relay and block producing nodes accordingly.

Heads up all stake pool operators: be informed that the LiveView function is deprecated as of now. The LiveView mode for the Cardano node is being deprecated in favour of a new external RT View (RT for real-time) monitoring tool which is cross-platform and has a richer browser-based interface. The new RT View component will be released separately. The Live View mode is still available in this release of the node, but will be removed in a future release.

In case you were affected by the 48h cpu spike IOHK has good news: This release also resolves a problem that has been affecting pool operators at the 48-hour mark within each epoch.

Both new versions (1.20.0 and 1.21.1) have a couple of new features and bugfixes. Here are some details:


  • Added more detail to the logging of the keep-alive protocol (#1873)
  • Added support in Byron witnesses for addresses that use attributes, which include all addresses in legacy Daedalus Byron wallets (#1851, #1871)
  • Optimised the expensive reward calculations while checking if the node is the slot leader, which significantly reduce the CPU spike at the 48 hour point in each epoch (#2642)
  • Added initial support for hard forks after Shelley (#2452, #2471)
  • Added support for a low-impact soft fork with stricter metadata validation (#1874)
  • Adjusted the outstanding data limit for the block fetch protocol (#2624)
  • Improved protocol logging (#2609, #2610, #2618, #2611)
  • Added trace for ledger events during DB replay (#2508, #2621, #2627)
  • Added further improvements to the performance of reward calculations and some other ledger calculations (#1857, #1881, #1884)
  • Updated the formal specification with the change in the overlay schedule calculation (#1862)
  • Made minor corrections to the formal specification arising from internal review and internal audit (#1776, #1808, #1811, #1820, #1861)
  • Documented the meaning of the MIR pot field in the CDDL chain specification (#1864)
  • Updated documentation on the details of pool ranking (#1852)
  • Fixed the mux protocol description and typos in the network documentation (#2625, #2639)
  • Added information about the RT View component that will replace Live View in the node documentation (#1866)

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed configuration defaults that were interfering with using systemd socket activation (#1927)
  • Added workaround for building on Linux systems without systemd (#1775)
  • Fixed the severity level for some protocol tracers (#1910)
  • Fixed a bug in crossing the hard fork from Byron to Shelley (#2455, #2626)
  • Fixed a bug in the calculation of the pool stake fraction reported in the stake pool query used by wallets (#1880)
  • Fixed a bug for the corner case for testnets where all value is in the reserves with no value in circulation (#1876)

For further details see the pages on GitHub.

written by: Chris     published at: Oct 7, 2020
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