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CardanoCafe updated to 1.21.1

written by CardanoCafe Team published at 2020-10-07

New versions of cardano have been released on GitHub by IOHK. We updated our relay and block producing nodes to newest version 1.21.1 accordingly.

A few hours ago, IOHK released newest pre-release 1.21.0 and version 1.21.1 on Github. We updated all of our relay and block producing nodes accordingly.

Heads up all stake pool operators: be informed that the LiveView function is deprecated as of now. The LiveView mode for the Cardano node is being deprecated in favour of a new external RT View (RT for real-time) monitoring tool which is cross-platform and has a richer browser-based interface. The new RT View component will be released separately. The Live View mode is still available in this release of the node, but will be removed in a future release.

In case you were affected by the 48h cpu spike IOHK has good news: This release also resolves a problem that has been affecting pool operators at the 48-hour mark within each epoch.

Both new versions (1.20.0 and 1.21.1) have a couple of new features and bugfixes. Here are some details:


  • Added more detail to the logging of the keep-alive protocol (#1873)
  • Added support in Byron witnesses for addresses that use attributes, which include all addresses in legacy Daedalus Byron wallets (#1851, #1871)
  • Optimised the expensive reward calculations while checking if the node is the slot leader, which significantly reduce the CPU spike at the 48 hour point in each epoch (#2642)
  • Added initial support for hard forks after Shelley (#2452, #2471)
  • Added support for a low-impact soft fork with stricter metadata validation (#1874)
  • Adjusted the outstanding data limit for the block fetch protocol (#2624)
  • Improved protocol logging (#2609, #2610, #2618, #2611)
  • Added trace for ledger events during DB replay (#2508, #2621, #2627)
  • Added further improvements to the performance of reward calculations and some other ledger calculations (#1857, #1881, #1884)
  • Updated the formal specification with the change in the overlay schedule calculation (#1862)
  • Made minor corrections to the formal specification arising from internal review and internal audit (#1776, #1808, #1811, #1820, #1861)
  • Documented the meaning of the MIR pot field in the CDDL chain specification (#1864)
  • Updated documentation on the details of pool ranking (#1852)
  • Fixed the mux protocol description and typos in the network documentation (#2625, #2639)
  • Added information about the RT View component that will replace Live View in the node documentation (#1866)

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed configuration defaults that were interfering with using systemd socket activation (#1927)
  • Added workaround for building on Linux systems without systemd (#1775)
  • Fixed the severity level for some protocol tracers (#1910)
  • Fixed a bug in crossing the hard fork from Byron to Shelley (#2455, #2626)
  • Fixed a bug in the calculation of the pool stake fraction reported in the stake pool query used by wallets (#1880)
  • Fixed a bug for the corner case for testnets where all value is in the reserves with no value in circulation (#1876)

For further details see the pages on GitHub.